How do I send automated emails to my gallery visitors?

An automation series is a collection of emails automatically sent at different times for a given gallery.  Your automated emails are separated by brand (if you have more than one brand set up in your account).

For example, you might like to send a welcome email to all visitors of a gallery within the first week, plus a reminder email two weeks after the gallery goes live, and an expiration notice one day before a gallery expires. You can set up an automation series to do just this!

You may also want to set up an automated email if you plan to use Pre-Registration mode on your galleries. You can set an email to be sent automatically to all registered email addresses in a gallery once a gallery has gone live. Read more about Pre-Registration mode here.

*Important: Once you've assigned an automation series to a gallery, if you need to make changes to the series (i.e., the dates when the emails are sent or which emails are sent), you must create a new automation series and assign this new series to the gallery, instead.

To create an automation series:

1.  Create the email templates you wish to use.  (For instructions, click here.)

2.  Go to Studio > Email > Automations

3.  Click "New Automation Series" and give it a name (such as "Wedding Series" or "Newborn Client Series")

4.  Click "New Email in Series" and complete the necessary information:

  • Email template - choose the template you'd like sent
  • Recipients - select who will receive the email (such as "all visitors to a gallery" or "visitors who have not placed an order")
  • Trigger Type - how will the system know when to send the email?
  • Trigger Days - choose the number of days for the trigger above
  • Name - give the email a name, such as "Expiration Notice" or "Gallery Welcome Email"

5.  Save the email

6.  Click "New Email in Series" to repeat the above steps for every email you'd like sent in this series