How do I send automated emails to clients regarding Invoices?

You can have emails sent automatically to clients who must pay an Invoice to remind them that their bills are due! Your automated emails are separated by brand (if you have more than one brand set up in your account).

To create an automation series:

1.  Create the email templates you wish to use.  (For instructions, click here.)  Be sure you use the Invoice templates!

2.  Go to Studio > Email > Automations

3.  Click "New Automation Series" and give it a name (such as "Late Payments" or "Invoice Reminders")

4.  Click "New Email in Series" and complete the necessary information:

  • Email template - choose the template you'd like sent
  • Recipients - select who will receive the email
  • Trigger Type - how will the system know when to send the email?
  • Trigger Days - choose the number of days for the trigger above
  • Name - give the email a name, such as "Late Notice" or "Payment Due"

5.  Save the email

6. Repeat to add additional emails to the automation series


To assign this automation series to an Invoice:

1. Go to Studio > Commerce > Invoices

2. Select the Invoice

3. Choose the correct series in the Automated Emails dropdown box

4. Save