Can I have lab orders automatically sent to the lab?

While we do not recommend this for all studios, you can have orders automatically sent to a ShootProof partner lab without having to review/approve the orders.

*It is important to note that turning on the Auto Approval in your account means that client orders will be sent to the lab for printing without your prior approval. This means that crops, paper types, print sizes, files, etc. may be incorrect. Orders are unable to be changed, edited, or canceled once they have been sent to the lab.

To enable auto-approval:

1.  Go to Commerce > Orders > Lab Order Defaults

2.  Turn on the Auto Approve Orders option

3.  Choose whether or not you'd like an email sent to your studio when orders have been approved for printing

4.  Select the Auto Send Time (the number of days after an order is placed that the system will automatically approve it to be printed)

It is VERY important to note that once an order has been approved for printing at the lab, it cannot be canceled or changed. 

* Lab order fulfillment is currently available for photographers based in the U.S., Canada, Mexico, Australia, New Zealand, UK, Ireland, France, Germany, Luxembourg, Sweden, Denmark, Netherlands, Norway, Belgium, Italy, Austria, Finland, Poland, Slovenia, Spain, Greece, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Romania and Latvia.