Can you tell me more about ProDPI?

The Logo

Kamon is the Japanese term meaning “family crest”. Kamon designs date back to the Edo Period of Japan (17th-19th century). We are proud to showcase our family kamon in our logo. We have learned so much from the lessons of our family members, both past and present; it is an honor to carry on the kamon of our family.

It is our desire to operate Digital Precision Imaging, Inc, ProDPI in a manner that will mirror the integrity, professionalism, and caring nature that our kamon and family symbolize.

Digital Precision Imaging, Inc. provides the highest quality and consistency rivaled only by the best in the Professional Photo Lab industry.  We are proud to have you as a part of our family.

The Lab

The ProDPI lab has gone through many changes over the years.  From humble beginnings in a living room to a state of the art facility in Colorado.  Lab growth as mentioned started with a few printers in the living room then to an expanded space of the owner’s garage.  Shortly after that, ProDPI moved into a 1500 square feet building in San Luis Obispo operating there for 2 years.  As the customer base grew and the need for more equipment came up, a move a few miles down the road to a 3300 square feet building occurred.  With the addition of Press Printing and Book Production ProDPI saw an expansion of this building to just under 9000 square feet.  

Two years later ProDPI made the strategic decision to leave California and relocate the lab to Englewood, Co.  This move allowed for the expansion to over 26,000 square feet!  The current facility was designed from its shell for digital output from photographic, digital offset and inkjet technology.  A high tech print room, sprawling finishing area, and task specific shipping and customer service areas allow for high throughput and extreme quality.

Next time you are in Englewood, CO, stop by and say hi to the DPI dogs, Kala (the brown one) & Tucker (the white one)!

The Founders

Caitlin, CEO, & Jeffrey, COO, are both graduates of California Polytechnic University in San Luis Obispo California. Our love for photography has been transformed into our business of producing the highest quality prints for all types of professionals.

Environmental Statement

1. Reductions in internal paper consumption for reports and other documents. Effective immediately we will begin electronically delivering all invoices and statements. This alone will save over 2 tons of wood use, 25 million BTU’s of energy usage and over 12,000 gallons of waste-water per year, all used in paper manufacturing.

2. All silver halide prints (the great photo prints that you love) contain silver, this silver is left suspended in photo chemistry after processing. Since our first print rolled off our printers, we have been processing and removing silver from our chemistry prior to disposing spent materials.