Can you tell me more about The Lab Works?


The Lab Works is located in Winnipeg, MB, and serves professional photographers throughout Canada with printing fulfillment services.

Not every lab is created equal. The Lab Works has been a supplier of comprehensive photo imaging for over 20 years. The Lab Works has passion and know-how. Their skilled technicians each have on average, over 20 years of experience in the photo industry. Their digital printers are all state of the art, and the most current models the manufacturer has to offer. They have a fully managed colour process with paper types tightly calibrated and every aspect of their prints optimized, producing accurate colour every time. The Lab Works offers matched prints for any size from wallets to banners. They ensure quick delivery of orders and their large range of services helps to fulfill almost any client need.

The Lab Works was the first facility in Canada to offer Digital Photographic Prints printed on award-winning Chromira LED printers. The Chromira’s incredible resolution is achieved through it’s unique diamond-shaped pixels and the optical blending that occurs when they overlap. The Lab Works printers are ICC profiled for Kodak Ultra papers resulting in optimum colour on final output. Shadow and highlight detail are superb; text looks sharp and overall tonality is great. The Chromira also renders beautiful flesh tones and neutral grays. Chromira digital prints are true photographic prints, exposed with LED light. The Lab Works can print an image area of 30” by any length with immaculate fidelity, resolution and sharpness – ideal for large display and banner applications.