How do I cancel an order?

To cancel an order:

1. Go to Commerce > Orders

2. Click on the order

3. Choose "Canceled" from the drop down menu on the top left (it will say "new" by default)


Please note that you cannot cancel an order that has already been approved to be printed at one of our partner labs.

If you need to refund the client what he or she paid at checkout and you're using ShootProof Payments as your payment gateway, follow the instructions below.  (If you are using a different payment gateway, you will need to arrange the refund with your client outside of ShootProof.)


Steps for Issuing a Refund (U.S-based studios using ShootProof Payments)

Wait until 24 hours have passed since the client placed the order so the charge can fully settle; otherwise you will only have the option to give a FULL refund.

1. Go to the order page on which you would like to issue the refund.

2.  Click the blue "Payment Details" link.

3. Click "Refund."

Remember, once you've sent an order to the lab to be printed, you can no longer issue a refund through ShootProof. You'll need to arrange the refund with your client outside of ShootProof.

Interested in learning more about ShootProof Payments? Click here.