How do I set up gallery categories?

You can use categories to group galleries together on your ShootProof Homepage. This option will organize your galleries under specific "headings."  For example, you might name your categories Weddings, Senior Portraits, Families, and Newborns.

If you choose to use categories, you will need to make sure each gallery is marked as "public" on their settings pages


To add categories to your ShootProof Homepage:

1.  Go to Studio > ShootProof Homepage > Manage Categories

2.  Add a category and give it a name

3.  Choose a cover photo that will be shown on your Homepage

4.  Go back to Studio > ShootProof Homepage

5.  Under "Homepage Layout" choose CATEGORIES OF GALLERIES.


Any galleries marked as "public" will show up on your ShootProof Homepage.  However, if you have not chosen a category on the settings page for a specific gallery, it will not be categorized, and will instead show up beside the categories.

You can adjust the order that the categories will show up on your ShootProof Homepage by dragging and dropping them into the order you like.