Can I change a lab-fulfilled order into a self-fulfilled order?

For various reasons, you may want to switch a lab-fulfilled order into a self-fulfilled order within your account. For example, if your client placed an order in a gallery that had a lab price sheet attached to it, but you've decided to have those items printed at a local lab, instead, you'll want to convert the order to self-fulfilled.

(If you're using ShootProof Payments as your credit card processing service, you'll notice that profits from your lab orders are held until you submit the order to the lab. In cases where you no longer plan on submitting an order to the lab, you'll need to convert it to self-fulfilled in order to release those funds.)

To convert a lab-fulfilled order to a self-fulfilled order:

1. Go to Commerce > Orders > click on the specific order

2. Click the overflow button (looks like this: "...")

3. Select "Convert Items to Self-Fulfilled"

4. Follow the prompts to convert the order (or specific items) to self-fulfilled

*NOTE: Converting items and orders to self-fulfilled removes all options to send the items or orders to the lab through ShootProof, and once you've switched something to self-fulfilled, there is not a way to revert it back.