Can I offer my clients discounts or promo codes?

ShootProof provides an extensive discounting system within each of your price sheets. Discounts can be set up as "Automatic" or to only be available by entering a "Promo Code" at checkout.

You can see many discount types and a description of how they work by clicking the "Discounts" button on any price sheet. 


Discount Types

  • Item Discount - Give a discount based on specific items in the client's cart.  For example, "Buy three 5x7s for $5 each" or "Choose three 8x10s for free" or "Buy ten 4x6s and get 20% off of each"
  • Group Discount - Give a discount based on items in a specific group. For example, "Buy any ten prints for $10 each" or "Choose twenty digital media items for 10% off" or "Buy two canvases and get $15 off of each"
  • Package Discount - Give a discount based on a specific combination of items. Click here for more specific instructions on setting up packages or collections. For example, "Get three 4x6s, two 8x10s, and an 11x14 canvas for $350"
  • Buy Something, Get Something (BOGO) - Give your clients an item or items at a discount when they purchase another item or set of items. For example, "Buy an 11x14, get a 4x6 for free" or "Buy a canvas, get three 5x7s for free" 
  • Cart Discount- Give your client's entire order (shopping cart) a discount. You can set tiers for this discount, if you'd like. For example, "Get 30% off all orders over $500" or "Receive $5 off your order when it's placed by November 1st" or even just "Free Shipping on orders between $100 and $200"
  • Credit Discount - Give your client a promo code for a flat discount or for free shipping. For example, you can use this discount if your clients have prepaid for their order, or if their sessions come with a print credit.


Helpful Hints

  • In the shopping cart, if you have multiple discounts set up, the discount that is the best value to the customer will be applied
  • It can be helpful to read the discount description that is auto-generated aloud to make sure it says what you intend the discount to give; the computer is very literal, so if if your discount reads "buy 5 prints for $10 each", your client will not get a discount on 4 or 3 prints
  • Discounts cannot be stacked; this means that once certain items qualify the client for one of your discounts, those same items cannot be used to qualify them for another discount
  • Your client CAN use a "Credit"-type discount with another discount, and can also use multiple Credit-type discounts on one order
  • Keep your discounts simple!
  • TEST your discounts to be sure they're working the way you intended