What do the entries on the Payments page mean?

When you use ShootProof Payments to accept credit cards from your clients, the Commerce > Payments page records the passage of funds from your clients to you and is inclusive of all of the fees and lab payments, should they apply.

The entries on the page are divided into three columns: From your Client (yellow), Paid to ShootProof (red) and Deposited in Your Bank Account (green). The rows are organized by date and then broken down by order number or invoice number.

From your Client (yellow)
These will be the amounts paid to you by your clients for orders or invoices.

Paid to ShootProof (red)
Entries in this column will reflect amounts collected by ShootProof for credit card processing fees, lab costs, and transfer fees.

Your Bank Account (green)
Amount that has been transferred from your Available profits to your bank account.

These are the different entries in these columns you may see:

Profit Withdrawal / Bank Deposit
Amount that has been transferred to your bank from your available profit.

Payment Withdrawal Charge
Each time profit is transferred from your ShootProof account to your bank account there is a $0.25 fee.

Collected from Client
Full amount that your client paid you as they placed their order.

Invoice Payment
Full amount that a client has paid on an invoice.

Credit Card Processing Fee
The 2.9% + $0.30 fee that is applied to the total amount that was charged to your client at checkout.

Order balance due transferred from on-hand profits
In the case that the client has paid less than the lab cost of an order, the difference will be taken from your available profit awaiting transfer into your bank account. * In the case that this is not enough to cover the total amount owed to the lab when submitting the order, this will be charged to your card on file instead. *