Event Emails iPad App


Click Here to download this free iPad app from the Apple App Store!

About the App

The Event Emails iPad App app allows photographers to collect email addresses (pre-register future clients) at an event, and then email them through their ShootProof account when the photos are ready!

The App helps photographers get more leads, increase sales, and of course, allow guests from an event to view and share the photos they've taken. An iPad can be set up at a wedding and guests can be encouraged to register to see the photos, or the tablet can be present at other events to collect email addresses from attendees who want to be notified when their photos are live.

No internet connection is required to use the App at events! The email addresses entered into the iPad will be sent to the gallery in ShootProof when the iPad has internet connectivity.


Your Brand

We know branding is important. That’s why you can upload your studio logo to be featured directly on the App! Want to personalize it for the guests of honor? Use their names instead!

Let guests know what to expect by customizing the message screen. Tell them to look for an email when the event gallery is released!

Background Photo
Give your App some pizzazz! Choose your background image from a variety of ShootProof-provided images, select a single image from your iPad, or select up to 5 images to enable a slideshow feature.

Colors and Typography
Completely customize the color of the registration button, as well as the font typeface, size, and color. Set your App up to match your branding, or to match the colors of the event itself.  

Position and Alignment
Move the form to a place on the screen that fits your background image best, and lock it in place.

How to Use the App

1. Download and install the ShootProof Event Emails iPad App.

2. From within the App, create a new gallery or select an existing gallery from your ShootProof account.

3. Choose an image from your iPad or use one of our preloaded backgrounds.

4. Customize text for the email entry form and move the form anywhere as appropriate for the selected background image(s). When in guest email entry mode, the screen can be locked with a PIN.

5. Allow guests to enter their email addresses!

6. After the event, once an internet connection is established the collected email addresses will be automatically imported into your ShootProof account under the designated gallery.

When used in conjunction with the Pre-Registration status for a gallery, you can release the gallery to all pre-registered email addresses with a single click when you determine that the images are ready for viewing.

If the gallery is not in pre-registration status, simply go the Gallery Visitors section and click the "Email" button to compose an email to all pre-registered email addresses.  

Supported Devices and iOS versions:  

iPads running iOS 7 and higher are supported.  


Do I need a ShootProof account?
Yes. We do have a Forever Free Plan, which gives you all features for up to 100 photos. Plus, you can change plans up or down at any time. See our plans and set up a free trial

Does the app work without internet?
Yes! You do not need an internet connection to collect email addresses in the app. Later, emails will automatically be sent to the photographer’s ShootProof account when an internet connection is established.

Can I use the app on my mobile phone?
No. The App is currently available for the iPad only. However, you can always set a gallery to pre-registration status in your ShootProof account, and then the regular gallery URL page can be used to collect emails from any device.