How do I set up free digital downloads?

​ShootProof makes it simple to offer free "one-click" digital downloads! Your client will simply visit the gallery, click one button, and be able to download the digital files of the photos in that gallery.

To set up Free One-Click Digital Downloads:

1.  Go to Photos > Galleries > select the specific gallery

2.  Click "Settings"

3.  Click "Digitals"

4.  Turn "Free Digitals" ON and enter a PIN, if you prefer

5.  Turn on "Download All" if you'd like to allow clients to download all photos in the gallery with one click

6.  Save!

How One-Click Free Digitals work:

  • Clients will enter the gallery and have the option to download individual photos directly to their computers by clicking the download icon on a single photo. 
  • Clients are not required to place an order or checkout when choosing and downloading one-click free digital downloads.
  • If you turn on the PIN, only visitors who know and enter the PIN will be able to download images.
  • If you turn on the "Download All" option, visitors to a gallery will see a "Download All" button on the top right corner of the screen. After clicking it, visitors will be prompted to enter the PIN, if applicable. Otherwise, your client will be emailed a link to download all of the files in the gallery.
  • If you have different albums set up in your gallery, clients will be able to download all of the photos in a single album with one click, as well:
    • Clients can click the "download this album" link at the top.  This button also works when clients choose Favorites; a client can download all photos in his or her Favorites album with one click as long as you have the "Free Digitals" turned on in the Event Settings.