How does a contact hide photos in a gallery?

For each gallery, you can choose one contact to be the Linked Contact. This individual can be given special privileges in the gallery, such as hiding photos, labeling photos, and accessing a gallery that is in pre-registration mode.

When a Linked Contact selects photos in a gallery he or she wants to hide, it will remove those specific images from view for all other gallery visitors.


Setting Up the "Hiding Photos" Privilege

Once you've linked the contact to the gallery and turned on the "Hide Photos" privilege, the Linked Contact will need two things to hide photos in the gallery:

1. the email address you have saved in his or her contact file

2. the Access Code you have created

*It is important that you turn on the "Email Required" setting for the gallery so that the Linked Contact is prompted to enter his or her email address when entering the gallery. Go to Photos > Galleries > Quick Actions > Settings > Access & Privacy to turn this setting on.

Hiding Photos in the Gallery

When the Linked Contact visits the gallery, he or she will enter the email address you have saved in his or her contact file.

The gallery will automatically prompt the visitor for the Access Code; the client can enter the code to enable the admin privileges, or the client can choose "Browse as Guest" to simply enter the gallery as a regular visitor.

When viewing the gallery in admin mode, the Linked Contact can select an image in the gallery and then click the "Hide" button to remove the photo from the gallery for viewing by other visitors.

Viewing Hidden Photos

Both the Linked Contact and you, the studio, can see which images have been Hidden in a gallery.

In the gallery, the Linked Contact will:

1. Click "Favorites" on the main gallery page.

2. Click "Hidden."

In the Studio Panel, you will: 

1. Go to Photos > Galleries > Gallery

2. Click the Linked Contact's name on the left.

3. Click on "Hidden."

Here, you can use the buttons to either copy the filenames of the hidden photos to your clipboard, or delete the hidden photos from the gallery completely.