What is my ShootProof Homepage?

All galleries that you have marked as "public" (even if they are passworded) will show up on your ShootProof Homepage. You can send clients directly there to then choose and enter the photo gallery they'd like to view.

What's the web address for my ShootProof Homepage?

Your ShootProof Homepage is found at yourshootproofusername.shootproof.com .  You can view your ShootProof homepage easily by going to Studio > Shootproof Homepage > View Homepage.

What galleries will show up on my ShootProof Homepage?

Galleries marked as "Public" on the gallery settings page will appear on your ShootProof homepage, even those that have passwords on them. If you mark a gallery as "Private," it will not show up on your Homepage; you will have to send a direct link to the gallery to your client.

How do I customize how my ShootProof Homepage looks?

To change the colors and information listed on your ShootProof Homepage, go to Studio > ShootProof Homepage.  

There, you can choose a theme and a layout, as well as determine what text ("About" information, studio address, etc.) and links (your business Facebook page, studio address, website link, etc.) are shown to visitors.