How do I combine multiple orders into one to save on shipping?

You can combine multiple lab orders into one order prior to sending them to the lab. The lab will treat these orders as one order, and will only charge your studio shipping for one package.

How to combine orders:

1. Go to Commerce > Orders

2. Check the boxes to the left of the orders you'd like to combine (up to 100 individual orders)

3. Click the "Bulk Actions" button and choose "Combine Orders"

4. A new order number will be created for your new combined order. You can then click on the combined order to begin approval and submit the order to be printed at the lab.

*For US-based studios using ShootProof Payments:  When combining orders, the lab costs will be paid using your credit card on file (not money collected from any of the original orders). The only exception to your credit card being used to pay for the combined order's lab costs is if the 'Available' profits from other orders in your account exceeds the lab cost for the order; in this scenario, the 'Available' profits will be used.