How do I create and set up a gallery?

Creating a New Gallery

To create a new gallery, navigate to the Photos menu, and then choose Galleries.  There, you'll click the "New Gallery" button.

Give your gallery a name, and choose the Shoot Date. You can also select the Default Settings you'd like applied to this gallery.

Then, click "Create."

* To see a description or explanation of all of the gallery settings, click here.

Uploading Photos

You can upload photos to your gallery in a variety of ways. You can click the "Add Photos" button in your new gallery, or you can click here to read about your other uploading options. Always upload photos in the sRGB color space. Files can be any size, up to 50MB each.

You may want to organize your photos into Albums, which are like "folders" in your gallery.  You can create an album by clicking the "Create Album" button on the left, and then you can upload photos directly into that Album by first clicking on the Album name, and then clicking the "Add Photos" button.

Albums can be incredibly helpful for school or sports photographers! They allow your clients to checkout from multiple areas (say, for parents who have more than one child at a school or more than one sports gallery to look at), since each gallery has its own checkout process. Click here to learn more about setting up albums!

Gallery Settings

You can edit the settings for a particular gallery by clicking the "Settings" button after choosing any individual gallery. Here, you can add a password, choose a date to make the gallery live to clients, turn on free digital downloads, and more.  

To view a complete list and explanation of all of the gallery settings, click here.