How do I place an order for my studio at cost?

There may be times when you wish to order prints and products through one of our partner labs for yourself (for studio samples, client gifts, marketing products, etc.), and don't want to pay your client's prices.

To create a print order for yourself, you will order through the client gallery like a client would, and then submit the order to the lab from the order page in your Studio Panel.

To ensure that you do not have to pay yourself your own rates, follow these steps:

1. Create a Credit promo code in the 'Manage Discounts' area in your Price Sheet for an extreme amount (as an example, $1000).  Name it something personal, such as "Cost" or "Studio."

2.  Enter the gallery you will be purchasing from through the Client View.

3.  Add the items you wish to purchase to your cart.

4.  Proceed to checkout.  Enter your newly created promo code so that your order will total $0. 

5.  Go to your Orders page, and go through the Lab Approval process to submit the order to the lab.  

The credit card you have on file will be run to cover the lab costs and shipping when you submit the order to the lab if you do not have any 'Available' profits in your account at that time.

You can use this new studio credit same code any time you need to order for yourself going forward with that price sheet!