How do I share my photo galleries with my clients?

You have a few options for sending your clients to see their photo galleries.

E-Mail a Link

On your Galleries page, click the "Quick Actions" button on the gallery you'd like to send and click the "Email Link" option.

If you've created a Custom Gallery Link for your client's gallery on the settings page, you can click the "copy link to clipboard" link and copy that custom url, and then paste it into a new email for your client. (Note that there is no "www." in the URL of your client galleries.)

Send Clients to Your ShootProof Homepage

All galleries that you have marked as "public" (even if they are passworded) will show up on your ShootProof Homepage. So, you can send clients directly there to then choose and enter the photo gallery they'd like to view.

Your ShootProof Homepage is found at (Be sure not to add "www." to the beginning of your Homepage's URL!) Click here to learn more about setting up your ShootProof Homepage.


Integrate ShootProof with your Current Website

There are a bunch of ways to integrate ShootProof with your existing website!  Read about your options here.