How do I integrate ShootProof with my regular website?

There are a bunch of ways to integrate ShootProof with your existing website!

I don't have a website at all.

No problem! This is easy.  You'll point clients to your ShootProof Homepage, which is at It has a short bio area, your contact details, your portfolio, and access to all of your galleries that are marked "public."

Or, you can send your clients a direct link to their galleries by clicking the "Quick Actions" button on any gallery, and then choosing the "Email Link" option.

I just want to create a link to ShootProof from my website. I don't care what the URL looks like (or I don't even know what that means).

The super easy way to link to your ShootProof galleries is just that – create a link. If you’ve got access to make changes on your website, you can add in a link to either your studio homepage ( OR you can create links to individual galleries (such as This is a great way to send clients to your galleries from a blog post, your Facebook page, or the navigation links on your website. 

If you maintain your own website, chances are you know how to create a link. If not, check with your developer or your website software company to see how to get this done in your particular site. It may require some basic html code. 

I want my clients to feel like they've never left my website. I don't want the word "ShootProof" to appear in the URL.

For the ultimate professional website appearance, you can create a custom subdomain of your own website! This will show your studio homepage as if it's a part of your website.

You'll choose the URL people use to find their photos, rather than sending visitors to a website with the word "ShootProof" in it. So, with a custom domain, your ShootProof Homepage could be found at or, rather than at

The downside: It takes a little bit of technical work to set up. It’s certainly not rocket science, and we have step-by-step instructions, but you’ll need access to your domain hosting account.  Read more about setting up a custom domain here.

I want my clients to log in to their galleries right on my website. I want them to skip my ShootProof Homepage.

You can use our custom login widget, which will send your clients directly to their individual photo galleries from a page on your website. The login widget will take on the styling of your website and you have 3 setup options to choose from:

  • Login Widget that shows a drop down menu with a list of your galleries. (Only galleries marked as "public" will show up here, regardless of password protection. Galleries marked as "private" will not show up here.) 


  • Login Widget that requires just that the visitor enter the gallery password and an email address.  To use this option, all of your galleries must have a unique password.


  • Login Widget that requires the visitor enter only the gallery password. To use this option, all of your galleries must have a unique password.


Go to Photos > Tools > Login Widget to grab the code for the widget. When you select your option, the HTML code will update on your screen. Simply copy and paste this code into your website.

You must have an HTML website in order to use this widget; you will paste the code anywhere HTML is accepted on your website. (Wordpress users: you can add a text widget to your sidebar and paste the HTML code into the widget.)

By default, there is not styling accompanying this login widget, it will take on the format and style of the site on which you embed it. 

Note: The widget works in self-hosted Wordpress sites (through and not in the free Wordpress sites (; javascript is not supported by sites.

I want my ShootProof Homepage and galleries to be embedded in my current website.

ShootProof galleries can be embedded in your website by using an iframe. You can access the code from ShootProof to set this up by going to Studio > ShootProof Homepage > Embed Code. 

*Studios using PayPal Basic as their payment gateway CANNOT use the embedded method of integration. Clients will not be able to successfully check out when placing an order. 

Copy the embed code and paste it into an area of your website that accepts html. Be aware that with the iframe option, there can be issues with compatibility across devices and trouble with formatting, so you may wish to use an alternate method of integration.

Note: The embed code works in self-hosted Wordpress sites (through and not in the free Wordpress sites (; javascript is not supported by sites.