My client hasn't received his or her digital downloads.

If your client hasn't received an email containing his or her digital download link, you can check the status of the email to see what may have gone wrong.

1. Go to Studio > Email

2. Find the email. (You can use the Search & Filter button to help)

3. Click the "Show History" link on the right beside the email.

If the email shows up as "delivered," the email was successfully delivered to the client. In this case, you can have your client check his or her email filters and SPAM box to be sure the email didn't get sorted into a different folder. (Sometimes having the client search for the exact subject line of the email can help the email provider "find" the email!)

When emails show up as "dropped," it's because our system has been told to never try resending mail to that address again, and the address has been put on an internal block list. This client may have marked an email as SPAM or may have filters blocking emails that are sent from you through ShootProof. You can resend the digital download link to this same address after the client fixes any blocks/errors, or send the link to an alternate email address, by going to the order page and clicking the "Email" button in the top right. 

When emails are shown as "bounced," it means that the receiving server could not or would not accept the message at that time.  You can resend to these individuals and hopefully they will go through. Go to the order page and click the "Email" button in the top right.

The "deferred" status means that the recipient's email server temporarily rejected the message. You'll see several attempts to send the email, each with it being temporarily rejected. ShootProof will keep trying to send the message until it goes through or we receive a final error message, at which point you'll see one of the aforementioned statuses listed beside the email.