How do I create a new Invoice?

All studios in paid monthly or yearly plans can create and manage Invoices in their ShootProof accounts! Invoices can be used to collect payments for session fees, deposits or retainers, additional services or print items, and more.


When using ShootProof Payments as your payment gateway, the 2.9% + $0.30 transaction fee applies on client payments. Studios using Braintree or PayPal Pro are also able to Invoice their clients through ShootProof, and may incur transaction fees from those respective companies.

*Please note that studios using PayPal Standard as their payment gateway, unfortunately, cannot accept online payments through Invoices.

To create a new Invoice:

1.  Go to Commerce > Invoices

2.  Click "New Invoice" and select “With a brand new invoice”

3.  Complete the necessary fields (Not sure what each section does or means? Read more here)

4.  Click "Save Invoice"

Planning on sending a lot of Invoices? We suggest creating Invoice Templates to speed up your workflow!