What is the Orders Report?

The Orders Report gives you information about the orders placed by clients through your ShootProof account.

To access the Orders Report:

1.  Go to Reports > Orders

Understanding the Orders Report

  • Filter
    • Use the "Report" dropdown to choose a year, and/or the "Gallery" dropdown to filter the orders shown
  • Export All to CSV
    • Click this button to download a .csv file of your orders
  • Columns
    • Total sales - your client's order total
    • Client sales tax - the amount of sales tax your client paid you
    • Client shipping - the amount of shipping the client was charged
    • Lab product costs - amount you paid the lab for prints and products
    • Lab add-on costs - amount you paid the lab for add-ons, such as mounting, texture, boutique packaging, etc.
    • Lab shipping - amount you paid the lab for shipping
    • Payment processing sale - amount run through ShootProof Payments
    • Payment processing voids/refunds - amount refunded to the client
    • Payment processing fees - amount you paid for processing fees