How do I create packages?

Want to offer your clients packages or collections? You can set these up on each of your price sheets! Your clients will simply add the appropriate items to the shopping cart, and the package price will go into effect.

Creating Packages

1. Go to Commerce > Pricing

2. Select the specific price sheet you'd like to use or create a new price sheet

3. Add each of the individual items you wish to sell, including those that are a part of the package

4. Click Discounts > Add New Discount > Create Package Discount

5. Choose the type of discount you'd like this package to be:

  • Automatic - the package price will kick in automatically when the client adds the package items to the cart
  • Promo Code - the client will need to know and enter the specific promo code to receive the package pricing

6. For a promo code, choose how many times you'd like the code to be used and select an expiration date, if desired

7. Select an item, select the quantity of that specific item, and then click the "Add" button

8. Set a quantity limit, if desired. This will limit how many of this package the client can receive.

9. Set the package's price and, if needed, an amount for shipping. (Note that this total package shipping will be added on to any general order shipping rates you've chosen on the price sheet itself)

10. Save!

11. On the left, click the "DESC" link to edit the description of the package that the client will see in the shopping cart

12. Test your discount! 


Examples of Packages

Here are some examples of common packages with instructions for how you'd set them up on your price sheet!

Package that contains specific items:   two 5x7s and one 8x10 for $X

  • Check the box beside 5x7
  • Type in a "2" and then click "Add"
  • Check the box beside 8x10
  • Type in a "1" and then click "Add"
  • Set the price and save the package!

Package that gives a client choice:  choose two items from 4x6, 5x7, 8x10, 11x14 for $X

  • Check the boxes beside 4x6, 5x7, 8x10, and 11x14
  • Type in a "2" and then click "Add"
  • Set the price and save the package!