How do I purchase an item from the Marketplace?

To purchase a template from the Marketplace, simply go to Studio > Contracts and click the View Marketplace link in the top right (or click the View Marketplace button if you are in the Free Plan or it's your first time visiting the Contracts page).

*It is important to note that all of the templates in the Marketplace are digital, meaning no physical products will be mailed or sent to you. Also, templates purchased through the Marketplace are only available within your ShootProof account when your account is in a paid plan; read more about what happens to your contracts and purchased templates when you move down to the Free Plan here.

In the top left corner of the Marketplace, you can filter the documents by type (bundle of documents vs. individual document) or by author. You can also filter by type (wedding, portrait, etc.).  Bundles are groups of documents packaged into one purchase. 

To preview a contract or bundle before you buy:

1. Click on the image and/or the "preview" link on any item in the Marketplace. There, you can read about the author and learn more about what is included in that particular document or bundle of documents.

To purchase a contract or bundle:

1. To make a purchase, simply click the "Add+" button on the specific item or bundle, or click the "Add" button when previewing an item. 

2. The system will prompt you to add a credit card if you do not have one on file in your account already.