How do I resend an email to my client?

If your client hasn't received his or her digital download link, first check to be sure the email went through correctly. It may be that the client's email filtering has sorted it into SPAM or into a separate folder.

To check on the status of an email:

1. Go to Studio > Email

2. Search for your client's email address

3. Click on "View Email" to see the email that was sent to the client

4. Click on "Show History" to see when the email was delivered, opened, etc.

If an email shows up as delivered (but not opened) and the client cannot find the email, it's likely that his or her email program has filtered the email out. Have the client search for the exact subject line, and this often helps pull the email up and out of SPAM or other filtered areas. 

If an email shows up as dropped, the client will not have received this email. The client may have marked an email from you as SPAM in the past.


To resend a digital download link:

1. Go to Commerce > Orders > the client's order

2. Click the "Email" button in the top right

3. Correct the email address (if needed), then check the box beside "Also send email containing digital download link"

4. Add messaging to the email (if desired)

5. Click "Send Email"

You can also click the "Order Summary" button on an order page to copy the digital download link, and then paste it into a new email outside of ShootProof.