I'm told that the Shootproof API returned an error message.

The Lightroom Plugin allows you to upload photos to your ShootProof galleries directly from Lightroom. To download it, go to  Photos > Tools within your account.

Before using the Plugin, we suggest reviewing the instructions carefully and watching the instructional video. This will show you the upload process from start-to-finish within Lightroom.

The most common error messages are outlined below. 

‘ShootProof API returned an error message (message: The photo is not currently active, it cannot be updated at this time)’

This usually appears if you delete a photo from your ShootProof account and then try to reupload it through Lightroom.

You'll need to sync Lightroom and then you can add the photo back to your Lightroom structure. Go to File > Plugin Extras > Sync Events/Albums. Then, you can reupload the photo through Lightroom. Going forward, remember to make all changes to albums and photos in Lightroom, not in ShootProof.

‘ShootProof API returned an error message (message: Bad Request, the album chose is not part of the event specified)’

This message likely means that the gallery is set up correctly, but the albums were not created as ‘collection sets.’

Once you have made each album a ‘collection set,’ you can then create a ‘collection’ inside and name it anything you like (for example, ‘Photos’). That collection named ‘Photos’ will contain the photos for that album. Just remember that the gallery/album structure should be set up like this:

1. Create a ‘published collection set’ for your gallery. (For example, ‘Smith Wedding’)

2.  Create a nested ‘published collection set’ for each album you'd like to have in the gallery. (For example, ‘Cocktail Hour,’ ‘Ceremony,’ and ‘Reception.’)

3.  Create a nested ‘published collection’ in each one of the albums and title it ‘Photos.’

4.  Add your photos to the ‘Photos’ published collections.

5.  Highlight the gallery name, and click Publish.

‘Can't update this collection. An internal error has occurred: name is not unique’

This means that there is a synchronization issue between Lightroom and ShootProof.

In Lightroom, go to File > Plugin Extras > Synchronize Events/Albums to get the galleries and Lightroom back in sync.

‘Can't update this collection. ShootProof server returned an error (function sp.event.get_list, message Invalid token request)’

This error can most often be resolved by logging out and then back into the ShootProof Lightroom plugin. Just right-click on the ShootProof publish service in Lightroom and choose ‘Edit Settings.’ Click ‘Logout’ under the ShootProof plugin service details and follow the prompts to log back in. Once you're back in, attempt to publish the collection again.


‘Can't Update this collection: an internal error has occurred: ./ShootProofAPI.lua:544: attempt to index local jsonResponse'

This error message is most commonly displayed when there is a problem with your internet connection. Check that you are connected to the internet, and if you are, try resetting your browser or restarting your computer. If you continue to see this error, visit speedtest.net to do a connection test and send a message letting us know that you’re having trouble along with a screenshot of your test results to support@shootproof.com.


If the error you see isn’t listed above, or you need further assistance, please email us at support@shootproof.com with a screenshot of the error message you’re seeing.