Snapizzi + ShootProof

Snapizzi is revolutionizing high-volume photography by making it radically easy for school, dance, sports, and event photographers to post their photos online!

Snapizzi solves the basic challenge of how to get the right picture to the right person at the right time. Powered by patented technology, Snapizzi uses barcodes to completely automate the volume photographer's workflow and instantly match customers to their photos. On your branded Studio Search Page, you choose how customers find their photos. You can use Student ID, name, or anything you’d like that is easy for your customers to remember.

How the Partnership Works

Once linked, your Snapizzi account sends your organized photos over to your ShootProof account, where your clients can view their photos, place orders, and have their orders fulfilled with one of ShootProof's professional partner labs. Snapizzi's custom Search Page ensures that your clients can find their photos in the gallery quickly and easily!

Snapizzi Support

To link your ShootProof account to your Snapizzi account and set up your first project, follow the simple instructions here:  Create a Project

Still have questions? Contact their support team at .