How do I add watermarks to the photos in my galleries?

You can create a custom text or image watermark that will be applied to the photos in your galleries. This watermark will be removed before your files are sent to the lab for printing and before your files are sent to clients as digital downloads.

To be sure your watermark fits your files correctly, we do recommend uploading photos to your galleries that are at least 2,000px on the longest side.

Add a Watermark

You can save multiple watermarks! To create one:

1. Go to Photos > Watermarks

2. Choose a "text" or "image" watermark

For image watermarks, we recommend uploading a high resolution PNG file with a transparent background, though JPG files are acceptable, as well. The maximum size we will scale your image up to is 1000px on the longer side, so if you upload an original that is this large at least, your watermark image should retain its original clarity. (If you start out with a small file, the image can lose some clarity as it is stretched.) 

3. Adjust the watermark settings.  You can choose the position of the watermark on your images, as well as the size and opacity.

4. Save!

Apply a Watermark

You can choose a Default Watermark on the Watermarks page, as well as turn on watermarks for all future uploads. You have the opportunity to change this before uploading new photos.

When you upload new photos to a gallery through the web browser, you will have the option to add your watermark right on the upload screen. 

Change a Watermark

While changes to your watermark settings will only affect photos that you upload after you save the changes, you can manually refresh watermark settings:

1.  Go to the Photos area of any gallery

2.  Click the "Refresh Watermark Settings" button in the top right

3.  Choose the new watermark you'd like applied

4.  Click "Apply Change"

The photos will temporarily be removed from the gallery while they are being processed; you can refresh your screen to see your newly-watermarked images.