What apps and third party products can be integrated with my ShootProof account?

You can use several different uploading and email collecting apps with ShootProof:

Desktop Uploader  (https://kb.shootproof.com/help/article/link/desktop-uploader)

ShootProof Lightroom Plugin (https://kb.shootproof.com/help/article/link/lightroom-plugin)

Event Emails iPad App (https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/shootproof-event-emails/id838666664?ls=1&mt=8)

ShootProof also integrates with 3rd party services:

17hats (https://www.17hats.com/)

ShootDotEdit (http://www.shootdotedit.com)

​Pixifi (https://www.pixifi.com)

Tave (https://tave.com/)


​When you link up ShootProof with any of these apps or 3rd party integrations, you’ll see the app authorization information on the "Integrations" page on your Account menu.