Why does ShootProof ask for my Social Security Number?

At ShootProof, we completely understand that giving out personal information is a big step for any business owner. For U.S.-based studios who use ShootProof Payments for credit card processing, we do require your social security number to be entered at setup. This is to protect our photographers from fraud and also to protect each photographer's bank account information.

Any time you change the bank account information, you'll be asked to re-verify your personal identity. If you choose not to collect credit card payments from your clients through  ShootProof, or elect to use one of our other available payment gateways, you do not need to provide this information in your ShootProof account.

We do securely store and transmit all personal information using the industry standard SSL technology, and are routinely tested for PCI compliance for our data. Our complete Privacy Policy can be found here: https://www.shootproof.com/legal/privacy-policy and our Terms of Use information can be read in its entirety here: https://www.shootproof.com/legal/terms-of-use