What is a good workflow for creating and sending contracts?

While there are many ways you can use contracts within ShootProof, in order to take advantage of all of the features, here's the workflow we recommend:

1. Create a template.

Templates can be used over and over again for many different clients and situations, and using one saves you from having to recreate the wheel. If you use a particular contract or form for weddings, one for portraits, and another for newborns, you can set up multiple templates.

You can copy and paste your own documents into a template and save them, or you can purchase some from the Marketplace.

2. Use variables and blanks.

These handy tools save you plenty of time in the end! Variables are "tokens" that will automatically input words, phrases, or dates. So, things like your client's name, address, email address, the shoot date, and your studio's brand name and email address can be applied to the document when you send it to the client, without you having to go through and type them all in.

Blanks work a little differently; they are placeholders for text, numbers, or dates that will change from client to client and that the ShootProof system doesn't "know."  So, for items like package prices, retainers or deposits, and session or shoot locations, you can insert a "blank" into the template. When you are ready to send the contract itself, the system will remind you that you have blanks remaining, and will prompt you to fill them in before the document gets emailed to the client.

3. Use the template to make a contract.

When you're ready to send a contract, use one of your templates. Since it's all set up ahead of time, all you have to do is select the client (Linked Contact), input the important information for your blanks, and email it off.

4. Send it!

Send the contract to your client for a signature, sign it yourself, and -- done!